About Us

A UK company based in Hampshire.

  • We employ people who enjoy a challenge.
  • A broad range of knowledge and experience.
  • We will always work with your IT department or IT supplier and not against them.
  • We are also available for short and long term contracts.

Why we do what we do.

The majority of I.T departments and vendors are unintentionally locked into their current solutions, this is due to the solutions they have had to solve in the past. We on the other hand are constantly having to look for solutions to sometimes the most  perplexing problems, we especially like it if a client asks us if something is possible.

Because we are not locked into standard solutions and technology this means we can think outside of the normal boxes.

If  the contact is over £2000 we require a deposit of 25%.

Once a contract is completed we require payment within 7 days.