Cleaning Marketing Data.

A clients marketing address list had become fragmented over several systems and was in need of being cleansed of duplicate and inaccurate data.

The data was spread over several systems and applications (Sage, A CRM system and sales spreadsheets)

We used a series of scripts to combine this data, check for duplicates and validate entries. The validation was done on the contact address, postcode and postcode.

The final data was then presented via an internal web site application with the following features :

  • Search for contact and sales history.
  • Format and print marketing letters (ran once a month)
  • Format and export a marketing Email list, this list is then imported into mailchimp.

The client has also shown interest in purchasing an android tablet app to allow the sales team to access the marketing information remotely.

Facebook and Twitter Monitor

Although more and more companies are using social media to keep in touch with their client base it is also worth noting that clients are also using the same social network to ask for support or to complain about the same company.

This can quickly lead to the Facebook or Twitter feeds becoming negative marketing.

We were asked to provide an automated monitoring tool to watch the clients social media feeds and to search for negative comments or problems, we did this though the careful use of keywords.

The script is hosted on one the clients in house servers and run 24 hours a day, if it finds any negative feeds it will automatically record the feed and email the information to the marketing and sales departments.

Always make sure you have an escape route

We have been asked by a client to export data from a custom CRM application into a format that can be imported into Microsoft essentials.

Our main problems are that the current system doesn’t have any export options and the developers are not very keen to help and that the data will need to be mapped to allow the import into Microsoft essentials.

We have already have completed a test export of the data successfully so we are halveway there.

When ever an organization purchases a solution they need to ensure that they have a data escape route to another solution. Don’t allow yourself to be locked in.

WordPress Web Site Move

Moving a WordPress web site usually is not a very difficult task but when the site is heavy used for company documentation, ecommerce and has over 500 pages it becomes more of a challenge.

The client insisted that the site be off line for the minimum amount of time and that the move be seamless.

By performing a test move and then scheduling the real move for a weekend we achieved the clients wishes. We worked closely with the I.T department to ensure they were kept up to date over the entire contract.

Once the migration was achieved we also installed an automated backup into the admin area of the web site.

Internal marketing site

A cars sales company asked us if we could visualize the sales data by salesman and area based on sales data from their CRM system.

We created a custom application that daily exported the essential information and then using an internal web server we created a dynamic Google map with custom icons and areas to create a presentation for the sales manager.