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  • OK Google: make this NEST hack a standard feature May 7, 2017
    This easy hack can unlock a NEST thermostat’s “Cool” mode in heater-only installations, allowing control of a heater’s ventilation fan as though it’s an A/C. This post has been relocated to LinuxGizmos.com and may be found here: OK Google: make this Nest hack a standard feature Please excuse the redirect!
  • Why are there no recent posts on DeviceGuru.com? May 28, 2016
    Why has DeviceGuru.com had so few posts over the past several years? Blame it on the success of its offspring: LinuxGizmos.com! Here’s the scoop… By popular demand from LinuxDevices.com’s followers after Quinstreet inherited that site from Ziff Davis Enterprise and then discontinued it, I decided to create LinuxGizmos.com as a replacement for it. The new […]
  • LinuxGizmos is now HackerBoards, but we still love Tux April 1, 2016
    We will continue our extensive coverage of SBCs and COMs, but will reduce our coverage of end user products and expand our coverage of OSes beyond Linux. In celebration of LinuxGizmos.com’s third birthday, and 16 years after I launched its predecessor, LinuxDevices.com, we have decided to make some exciting changes to the site. In recent […]
  • Linux-based Tor gadget protects IP identity December 12, 2013
    Pogoplug announced a $49, Linux-based security device called the Safeplug that taps into the Tor network to hide your IP information when using the web. The Safeplug is a router security peripheral that addresses growing fears about cyber-snooping by anonymizing your web browsing sessions and hiding your identity and physical location. The device protects against […]
  • AirPlay alternative mirrors and streams to TVs and PCs December 12, 2013
    AirTame is developing an AirPlay-like protocol for PC-to-PC content streaming and screen mirroring, plus a Linux-based dongle for AirTame rendering on TVs. With 24 days left to go in its funding round for its AirTame HDMI dongle for TVs, Denmark-based AirTame has surpassed its initial $160,000 goal to reach $214,000. Funding packages start at $89, […]