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  • 2018 catalog of 100+ hacker-friendly SBCs January 4, 2018
    LinuxGizmos.com has published its January 2018 round-up of “hacker-friendly SBCs.” The round-up includes a current hacker-SBC market overview; descriptions, specs, pricing, and links to info for all 103 boards; and a comparison spreadsheet that compares all 103 boards’ key features (and prices). LinuxGizmos.com’s January 2018 “hacker-friendly single board computer round-up” comprises the following three resources: […]
  • Pioneering “embedded PC” standard turns 20 September 3, 2012
    This year marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of the PC/104 specification, which introduced a standardized way to build PC-compatible functions into a wide range of instruments, devices, and applications.   The PC/104 backstory PC/104’s roots can be traced back 25 years, to Ampro‘s introduction in 1987 of its pioneering PC-compatible “Little Board” form-factor […]
  • Free ebook celebrates 10 years of Mini-ITX December 1, 2011
    Via Technologies has published a free ebook celebrating 10 years of the compact, Mini-ITX motherboard form-factor. “Small is Beautiful: 10 Years of Mini-ITX” is available as a free download in ePub and PDF format. The 155-page ebook traces the evolution of the popular form-factor over the past decade, during which it gave rise to numerous […]
  • Cooler AMD CPUs turn up the heat on Atom May 23, 2011
    AMD has just added a pair of lower-power processors to the Embedded G-Series APU (accelerated processing unit) line that debuted earlier this year. The new single- and dual-core parts integrate 64-bit x86 CPU cores along with a DirectX 11-capable GPU (graphics processor unit) core on a single die, and offer total (CPU+GPU) power consumptions down […]
  • New AMD CPU/GPU rivals Intel Atom January 19, 2011
    AMD’s long-anticipated competitor to Intel’s popular Atom processor line has quietly begun shipping to device makers. AMD’s initial Embedded G-Series processor consumes less than 9W of power and crams dual 64-bit x86 CPU cores, an ATI Radeon GPU (graphics processing unit), system and DRAM controllers, PCI Express, and HD video interfaces into a single piece […]