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  • Pioneers events: what’s your jam? April 25, 2017
    We hope you’re as excited as we are about the launch of the second Pioneers challenge! While you form your teams and start thinking up ways to Make it Outdoors with tech, we’ve been thinking of different ways for you to come together to complete the challenge. Team up! In the last challenge, we saw many teams formed […]
    Alex Bate
  • Pioneers: the second challenge is… April 24, 2017
    Pioneers, your next challenge is here! Do you like making things? Do you fancy trying something new? Are you aged 11 to 16? The Pioneers programme is ready to challenge you to create something new using technology. As you’ll know if you took part last time, Pioneers challenges are themed. So here’s the lovely Ana […]
    Olympia Brown
  • Tinkernut’s do-it-yourself Pi Zero audio HAT April 21, 2017
    Why buy a Raspberry Pi Zero audio HAT when Tinkernut can show you how to make your own? Adding Audio Output To The Raspberry Pi Zero – Tinkernut Workbench The Raspberry Pi Zero W is an amazing miniature computer piece of technology. I want to turn it into an epic portable Spotify radio that displays […]
    Alex Bate
  • Raspberry Pi Resources: coding for all ages April 20, 2017
    Following a conversation in the Pi Towers kitchen about introducing coding to a slightly older demographic, we sent our Events Assistant Olivia on a mission to teach her mum how to code. Here she is with her findings. “I can’t code – I’m too old! I don’t have a young person to help me!” I’ve heard […]
    Olivia Robinson
  • Estefannie’s Automated French Press April 19, 2017
    Why press a French press when the French press can press itself? Here’s Estefannie to explain it all… Internet Button Controlled Automated French Press Hey World! What’s better than making coffee? Not making coffee. But still drinking coffee. I decided to make my own automated French Press machine. To automate it, I used a Raspberry […]
    Alex Bate
  • Acrophobia 1.0: don’t drop the ball! April 18, 2017
    Using servomotors and shadow tracking, Acrophobia 1.0’s mission to give a Raspberry Pi a nervous disposition is a rolling success. Acrophobia 1.0 Acrophobia, a nervous machine with no human-serving goal, but with a single fear: of dropping the ball. Unlike any other ball balancing machine, Acrophobia has no interest in keeping the ball centered. She is just afraid […]
    Alex Bate
  • A live-streaming Raspberry Pi nest cam: your essential Easter Monday viewing April 17, 2017
    It’s Easter Monday, a public holiday here in the UK, and Pi Towers is still and silent. Even the continuous flight augering piler on the massive building site next door is, for a time, quiet. So here is the briefest of posts, to share with you a Raspberry Pi cam live-streaming from a blue tit […]
    Helen Lynn
  • MagPi video tutorials: installing an operating system with Etcher April 14, 2017
    Hi folks, Rob from The MagPi here again. I’ve dropped by the blog a bit early this month to present to you our very first tutorial video: installing Raspbian (and other operating systems) with Etcher. Install Raspbian with Etcher Lucy Hattersley shows you how to install Raspberry Pi operating systems such as Raspbian onto an […]
    Rob Zwetsloot
  • An affordable ocular fundus camera April 13, 2017
    The ocular fundus is the interior surface of the eye, and an ophthalmologist can learn a lot about a patient’s health by examining it. However, there’s a problem: an ocular fundus camera can’t capture a useful image unless the eye is brightly lit, but this makes the pupil constrict, obstructing the camera’s view. Ophthalmologists use […]
    Helen Lynn
  • Processing: making art with code April 12, 2017
    This column is from The MagPi issue 56. You can download a PDF of the full issue for free, or subscribe to receive the print edition in your mailbox or the digital edition on your tablet. All proceeds from the print and digital editions help the Raspberry Pi Foundation achieve its charitable goals. One way […]
    Matt Richardson