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  • Google Pi Intercom with the AIY Projects kit July 21, 2017
    When we released the Google AIY Projects kit with Issue 57 of The MagPi in May, we could hardly wait to see what you in the community would build with it. Being able to add voice interaction to your Raspberry Pi projects opens up a world of possibilities for exciting digital making. One such project […]
    Janina Ander
  • Teaching with Raspberry Pis and PiNet July 20, 2017
    Education is our mission at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, so of course we love tools that help teachers and other educators use Raspberry Pis in a classroom setting. PiNet, which allows teachers to centrally manage a whole classroom’s worth of Pis, makes administrating a fleet of Pis easier. Set up individual student accounts, install updates […]
    Janina Ander
  • Pioneers winners: Make it outdoors challenge July 19, 2017
    To everyone’s surprise, the sun has actually managed to show its face this summer in Britain! So we’re not feeling too guilty for having asked the newest crop of Pioneers to Make it outdoors. In fact, the 11- to 16-year-olds that took part in our second digital making challenge not only made things that celebrate […]
    Olympia Brown
  • The Heart of Maker Faire July 18, 2017
    We at the Raspberry Pi Foundation find it incredibly rewarding to help people make and share things they love. It’s amazing to be part of an incredibly creative community of makers. And we’re not the only ones who feel this way: for this year’s Maker Faire UK, the team over at NUSTEM created the Heart […]
    Janina Ander
  • Taking the first step on the journey July 17, 2017
    This column is from The MagPi issue 58. You can download a PDF of the full issue for free, or subscribe to receive the print edition in your mailbox or the digital edition on your tablet. All proceeds from the print and digital editions help the Raspberry Pi Foundation achieve its charitable goals. About five […]
    Matt Richardson
  • Ultrasonic pi-ano July 14, 2017
    At the Raspberry Pi Foundation, we love a good music project. So of course we’re excited to welcome Andy Grove‘s ultrasonic piano to the collection! It is a thing of beauty… and noise. Don’t let the name fool you – this build can do so much more than sound like a piano. Ultrasonic Pi Piano – […]
    Janina Ander
  • Raspberry Pi Certified Educators shine at ISTE 2017 July 13, 2017
    Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the 2017 ISTE Conference & Expo, which saw over 20,000 educators convene in San Antonio earlier this summer. As a new Raspberry Pi Foundation team member, I was thrilled to meet the many Raspberry Pi Certified Educators (RCEs) in attendance. They came from across the country to share their knowledge, […]
    Andrew Collins
  • A home-brew Pi kit for home brewing July 12, 2017
    While the rest of us are forced to leave the house to obtain a tasty brew, beer master Christoper Aedo has incorporated a Raspberry Pi into his home brewing system for ultimate ‘sit-back-and-relax’ home-brew home brew. I drink and I know things Having brewed his own beer for several years, Christopher was no novice in […]
    Alex Bate
  • NYC Train Sign: real-time train tracking in New York City July 11, 2017
    Raspberry Pis, blinking lights, and APIs – what’s not to love? It’s really not surprising that the NYC Train Sign caught our attention – and it doesn’t hurt that its creators’ Instagram game is 👌 on point. NYC Train Sign NYC Train Sign. 158 likes · 2 talking about this. Live MTA train wait times […]
    Alex Bate
  • Plane Spotting with Pi and Amazon Alexa July 10, 2017
    Plane spotting, like train spotting, is a hobby enjoyed by many a tech enthusiast. Nick Sypteras has built a voice-controlled plane identifier using a Raspberry Pi and an Amazon Echo Dot. What plane is that? There’s a great write-up on Nick’s blog describing how he went about this. In addition to the Pi and the […]
    Janina Ander