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  • qrocodile: the kid-friendly Sonos system February 21, 2018
    Chris Campbell’s qrocodile uses a Raspberry Pi, a camera, and QR codes to allow Chris’s children to take full control of the Sonos home sound system. And we love it! qrocodile Introducing qrocodile, a kid-friendly system for controlling your Sonos with QR codes. Source code is available at: https://github.com/chrispcampbell/qrocodile Learn more at: http://labonnesoupe.org https://twitter.com/chrscmpbll Sonos SONOS […]
    Alex Bate
  • Mission Space Lab flight status announced! February 20, 2018
    In September of last year, we launched our 2017/2018 Astro Pi challenge with our partners at the European Space Agency (ESA). Students from ESA membership and associate countries had the chance to design science experiments and write code to be run on one of our two Raspberry Pis on the International Space Station (ISS). Submissions […]
    Erin Brindley
  • Community Profile: Estefannie Explains It All February 19, 2018
    This column is from The MagPi issue 59. You can download a PDF of the full issue for free, or subscribe to receive the print edition through your letterbox or the digital edition on your tablet. All proceeds from the print and digital editions help the Raspberry Pi Foundation achieve our charitable goals. “Hey, world!” […]
    Alex Bate
  • This IoT Pet Monitor barks back February 16, 2018
    Jennifer Fox, founder of FoxBot Industries, uses a Raspberry Pi pet monitor to check the sound levels of her home while she is out, allowing her to keep track of when her dog Marley gets noisy or agitated, and to interact with the gorgeous furball accordingly. Bark Back Project Demo A quick overview and demo of […]
    Alex Bate
  • HackSpace magazine 4: the wearables issue February 15, 2018
    Big things are afoot in the world of HackSpace magazine! This month we’re running our first special issue, with wearables projects throughout the magazine. Moreover, we’re giving away our first subscription gift free to all 12-month print subscribers. Lastly, and most importantly, we’ve made the cover EXTRA SHINY! Wearables In this issue, we’re taking an […]
    Andrew Gregory
  • N-O-D-E’s always-on networked Pi Plug February 14, 2018
    N-O-D-E’s Pi Plug is a simple approach to using a Raspberry Pi Zero W as an always-on networked device without a tangle of wires. Pi Plug 2: Turn The Pi Zero Into A Mini Server Today I’m back with an update on the Pi Plug I made a while back. This prototype is still in […]
    Alex Bate
  • Hacker House’s Zero W–powered automated gardener February 13, 2018
    Are the plants in your home or office looking somewhat neglected? Then build an automated gardener using a Raspberry Pi Zero W, with help from the team at Hacker House. Make a Raspberry Pi Automated Gardener See how we built it, including our materials, code, and supplemental instructions, on Hackster.io: https://www.hackster.io/hackerhouse/automated-indoor-gardener-a90907 With how busy our […]
    Alex Bate
  • The Fisher Piano: make music in the air February 12, 2018
    Piano keys are so limiting! Why not swap them out for LEDs and the wealth of instruments in Pygame to build air keys, as demonstrated by Instructables maker 2fishy? Raspberry Pi LED Light Schroeder Piano – Twinkle Little Star Raspberry Pi LED Light Schroeder Piano – Twinkle Little Star Keys? Where we’re going you don’t […]
    Alex Bate
  • When tiny robot COZMO met our tiny Raspberry Pi February 9, 2018
    Hack your COZMO for ultimate control, using a Raspberry Pi and this tutorial from Instructables user Marcelo ‘mjrovai’ Rovai. Cozmo – RPi 4 Full integration The complete tutorial can be found here: https://www.instructables.com/id/When-COZMO-the-Robot-Meets-the-Raspberry-Pi/ COZMO COZMO is a Python-programmable robot from ANKI that boasts a variety of on-board sensors and a camera, and that can be controlled […]
    Alex Bate
  • Big Birthday Weekend 2018: find a Jam near you! February 8, 2018
    We’re just over three weeks away from the Raspberry Jam Big Birthday Weekend 2018, our community celebration of Raspberry Pi’s sixth birthday. Instead of an event in Cambridge, as we’ve held in the past, we’re coordinating Raspberry Jam events to take place around the world on 3–4 March, so that as many people as possible […]
    Ben Nuttall