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  • Google Launches Go-To Job Aggregation Site June 21, 2017
    Google has announced the launch of new job search aggregation technology. The new initiative will allow Google users to search for jobs either on mobile devices or personal computers, and to use a set of filters to obtain highly targeted results pulled from many different sites across the Web. Google aims to use its machine […]
    David Jones
  • Trump Wants Tech Leaders to Help Save $1 Trillion June 20, 2017
    President Donald Trump aims to save taxpayers $1 trillion over the next 10 years with a little help from America's high-tech industry. "Our goal is to lead a sweeping transformation of the federal government's technology that will deliver dramatically better services for citizens," the president said Monday at a roundtable session of the American Technology […]
    John P. Mello Jr.
  • Microsoft Expands Linux Container Support in Windows Server June 20, 2017
    Microsoft has decided to expand its support for Linux containers in the next release of Windows Server. Linux containers and workloads will work natively on Windows Server, said Erin Chapple, general manager for the server operating system. The company also will extend Window Server's Hyper-V isolation capability, which was introduced in the 2016 release of […]
    John P. Mello Jr.
  • Apple Centers Health Data Strategy on iPhone June 19, 2017
    Apple quietly has been strategizing to expand its growing healthcare business to include the management of digital health records, with the iPhone operating as a central data hub. Apple reportedly has been in talks with numerous health industry groups that are involved in setting standards for the storage and sharing of electronic medical records, in […]
    David Jones
  • The Art of Manipulation and Misdirection June 19, 2017
    Last week, I listened to an economist talk about Apple's complaints that Qualcomm had charged Apple too much for access to patents. What was fascinating was that Apple had folks focused on the 5 percent Qualcomm had charged it instead of on the massive profit that Apple made on each phone. The price of the […]
    Rob Enderle
  • Nintendo's New Lineup Electrifies E3 June 16, 2017
    Nintendo previewed an impressive lineup of gaming content at E3 2017 this week, by many accounts. Its collection of new titles and targeted versions of some of the industry's hottest third-party content seemed to validate surprisingly strong sales of the Nintendo Switch console. Moving easily from a living room big screen to a mobile gaming […]
    David Jones
  • Cook Gives Up a Few Crumbs of Apple Auto Info June 16, 2017
    News about Apple's plans for the automotive market have been dripping slowly from the company for months, and CEO Tim Cook this week released a few more drops from the faucet. Apple's auto efforts are zeroing in on autonomous systems, he said. Self-driving is a core technology that Apple considers very important to its auto […]
    John P. Mello Jr.
  • Art, History and 3D Printing June 15, 2017
    The Tech Museum of Innovation last month debuted an exhibit that includes numerous installations with an interactive component. Visitors can don Occulus VR headsets to appreciate classical works of art in virtual reality -- a completely new museum experience. There long has been a debate on what constitutes "art" -- and opinions have differed as […]
    Peter Suciu
  • Xbox One X: More Speed, More Muscle June 14, 2017
    Microsoft earlier this week announced the next version of its Xbox line of gaming consoles, ahead of E3 2017, now ongoing in Los Angeles. The new Xbox One X, which goes on sale Nov. 7 for $499, is slimmer than previous models and packed with power. With a 6-teraflop Scorpio engine, the One X has […]
    John P. Mello Jr.
  • Securing Your Linux System Bit by Bit June 13, 2017
    As daunting as securing your Linux system might seem, one thing to remember is that every extra step makes a difference. It's almost always better to make a modest stride than let uncertainty keep you from starting. Fortunately, there are a few basic techniques that greatly benefit users at all levels, and knowing how to […]
    Jonathan Terrasi
  • New Stem Cell Treatment Offers Dramatic Burn-Healing Potential June 13, 2017
    A med-tech startup has developed a novel way to treat burn wounds. RenovaCare harvests a variety of cells, including stem cells, from a healthy area of skin on a patient. Those cells are then suspended in a water-based solution and sprayed onto the wound using the company's SkinGun. "The sprayer allows us to have a […]
    John P. Mello Jr.
  • Gadget Ogling: Apple at Home June 12, 2017
    The battle for your home just got a little more intense as Apple pulled back the curtain on HomePod, its smart speaker that seeks to hold dominion over your home empire and all the gadgets that reside within. HomePod holds a 4-inch woofer and seven tweeters, and it has six microphones to pick up your […]
    Kris Holt
  • Hearing Crickets at Apple's WWDC and a Pin Drop in the Senate June 12, 2017
    The two mammoth events last week were the Apple WWDC keynote and ex-FBI chief James Comey's appearance at a Senate committee hearing. Now I'm sure a lot of folks didn't have the time to watch both events -- and particularly for the Comey event, I'm sure the coverage has the right and the left believing […]
    Rob Enderle
  • 'Arms' Could Help Nintendo Fight Its Way Back Into the Ring June 9, 2017
    Arms, the highly anticipated fighting game for Nintendo's Switch, will be available next Friday, and based on the early reviews, the company just may have found the magic bullet. Nintendo's Switch console, launched earlier this year, has been something of a surprise success. Prior to its launch, it seemed like a risky play for the […]
    David Jones
  • E3 2017: Enhancements, Expectations and Perhaps Excitement June 8, 2017
    All of the major video game developers, publishers and console hardware makers, as well as many retail buyers and the gaming press, will descend on Los Angeles for E3 2017 next week. The annual event -- a showcase for computer, video and mobile games and related products -- will kick off officially on Tuesday and […]
    Peter Suciu
  • Open Source Survey Exposes Community Troubles June 8, 2017
    GitHub has released the results of its survey on open source software development, practices and worldwide communities. Responses from more than 6,000 participants reveal some of the problems missing or poorly done documentation can have on users and project adoption. The survey also reveals an ongoing concern about nasty interactions among community members and negative […]
    Jack M. Germain
  • Metis CDS Debbie Berebichez to Women in STEM: Chase Your Dreams June 7, 2017
    "I've helped shape the conversation," said Debbie Berebichez, chief data scientist at Metis. "It's empowered me to mentor young women and also to shape policy. At Metis, we offer a scholarship to women and minorities, so we do things actively to bring women in. I also try to recruit and hire women. Even though it's […]
    Vivian Wagner
  • Apple's iOS 11 Makes Siri a More Natural Woman... and Man June 6, 2017
    New voices for Siri and peer-to-peer payments are among the new features in the next version of Apple's mobile device operating system iOS 11, previewed at the company's annual Worldwide Development Conference on Monday. "With the new operating system, Apple has doubled down on many of the applications it has developed for iOS," said Ross […]
    John P. Mello Jr.
  • With Audio Focus, Apple Side-Steps Smart Speaker Competition June 6, 2017
    Apple raised the curtain on HomePod, its upcoming smart speaker, during Monday's WWDC keynote presentation. The company also announced some desktop OS features for the iPad, and revealed its plans to become an augmented reality powerhouse. "Just like iPod reinvented music in our pockets, HomePod is going to reinvent music in our homes," said Apple […]
    John P. Mello Jr.
  • The Max-Q: The Coolest Thing Out of Computex June 5, 2017
    I didn't attend Computex this year, and that was sad for everything but my budget, because there was a ton of cool stuff announced at the show. Dell, HP and Lenovo showed off new designs that were both attractive and compelling. Mixed-reality headsets hit; based on Intel and Microsoft technology, they were far more affordable […]
    Rob Enderle