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  • Facebook Shores Up Its Position on Fake News Front June 22, 2018
    Facebook has announced new tactics to reduce the spread of fake news. Its efforts will include combining technology with human reviewers to identify and remove fake accounts; partnering with fact-checkers; and promoting news literacy. Facebook will expand its fact-checking programs to new countries, scrutinize photos and videos more closely, and increase the impact of fact-checking.
    Peter Suciu
  • Linux Skills Most Wanted: Open Source Jobs Report June 21, 2018
    The Linux Foundation's 2018 Open Source Technology Jobs Report shows rapid growth in the demand for open source technical talent, with Linux skills a must-have requirement for entry-level positions. Linux coding is the most sought-after open source skill. Linux-based container technology is a close second. The report provides an overview of open source career trends.
    Jack M. Germain
  • Fire Cubes, Home Theater Beams, and X-ray Cases June 21, 2018
    Amazon's latest gambit for taking over your living room is the Fire TV Cube. It works in much the same way as the Fire TV stick, but with the added impact this time around of stuffing in a smart speaker with the familiar tones of the Alexa voice assistant. You can use it to play […]
    Kris Holt
  • Releases Commercial Machine Data Platform June 20, 2018 has introduced a commercial Machine Data Platform, along with a new version of its open source SQL database for the Internet of Things and machine data. The company also announced an US$11 M Series A funding round. The Machine Data Platform is's first major commercial venture following last year's initial steps toward selling […]
    Jack M. Germain
  • New Study Group to Focus on Impact of Robo Vehicles June 20, 2018
    Some logistics and mobility industry heavyweights have formed a group committed to improving the lives and opportunities of working Americans through adoption of autonomous vehicles. The roster of the Partnership for Transportation Innovation and Opportunity includes the American Trucking Associations, Daimler, FedEx, Ford, Lyft, Toyota Motor North America, Uber and Waymo.
    John P. Mello Jr.
  • Can Hackers Crack the Ivory Towers? June 19, 2018
    Academics have been hard at work studying information security. Most fields aren't as replete with hackers as information security, though, and their contributions are felt much more strongly in the private sector than in academia. The differing motives and professional cultures of the two groups act as barriers to direct collaboration, noted CypherCon presenter Anita […]
    Jonathan Terrasi
  • iOS 12 to Provide Stronger 911 Location Help June 19, 2018
    iOS 12 automatically will share location data for iPhones used to make emergency calls. The system will use an IP-based data pipeline developed by RapidSOS to share location data from iPhones with 911 centers. "Communities rely on 911 centers in an emergency, and we believe they should have the best available technology at their disposal," […]
    John P. Mello Jr.
  • Cisco, Dell, and the Race to Make a Better World June 18, 2018
    To say we live in troubled times would be an understatement. It often feels like the politicians and executives who surround us are interested only in who can tell the biggest whopper while lining their own pockets and leaving their constituents and customers to pay the bills. I recently read that the real reason Jon […]
    Rob Enderle
  • Upcoming iOS Access Restrictions Could Stymie Law Enforcement June 16, 2018
    Apple plans to equip iOS 12 with USB Restricted Mode, which requires users to unlock their iPhone with their passcode before USB accessories can connect if the phone last was unlocked more than an hour earlier. The company included this feature in the developer versions of iOS 11.4.1 and iOS 12. Apple will release USB […]
    Richard Adhikari
  • Hits, Misses and Drama at E3 2018 June 15, 2018
    E3 had the usual hits and misses this year, and more drama than most of the games on the screens. With a strong lineup of first-party titles plus better third-party support, Nintendo is the comeback king. However, the battle for hardcore gamer dollars continues to be fought between Microsoft and Sony. With no new hardware […]
    Peter Suciu
  • Modicia: Ultimate Linux with a Twist June 15, 2018
    Every once and a great while I stumble on a Linux distro that makes me sit up and smile. Modicia O.S. is one of them. It is not that Modicia steps over the bleeding edge of innovation. It is a seemingly standard desktop Linux distribution based on Xubuntu. It comes in one desktop flavor, Xfce […]
    Jack M. Germain
  • Nintendo Leans on Fan Favorites and Fortnite June 14, 2018
    Nintendo called in fan favorites, including Mario and Smash Bros., at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Super Mario Party will be heading to the Nintendo Switch this October, joined by Fire Emblem: Three Houses and the giant robot combat game Daemon x Machina. However, it was Fortnite that arguably stole Nintendo's E3 […]
    Peter Suciu
  • Sony Trains Spotlight on a Few Good Games June 13, 2018
    Sony gave PlayStation fans a hefty sampling of what's coming to its gaming consoles this year at E3. It gave them a long look at a relatively few offerings -- a marked contrast from Microsoft's deluge of titles. "Sony's E3 event was a break with tradition, an experiment to test the way it could present […]
    John P. Mello Jr.
  • Private Cloud May Be the Best Bet: Report June 13, 2018
    News flash: Private cloud economics can offer more cost efficiency than public cloud pricing structures. Private, or on-premises, cloud solutions can be more cost-effective than public cloud options, according to a report by 451 Research and Canonical. That conclusion counters the notion that public cloud platforms traditionally are more cost-efficient than private infrastructures.
    Jack M. Germain
  • Microsoft Goes All-In With Gaming June 12, 2018
    Microsoft made a big splash at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles with its announcement of more than 50 games for its Xbox One gaming console. Among the games unveiled by the company were 18 designed to run exclusively on Xbox, including Forza Horizon 4, Halo Infinite, Gears 5, Session, Below and Ashen.
    John P. Mello Jr.
  • What Microsoft's GitHub Deal Promises to Programmers June 11, 2018
    Microsoft sent tremors through the open source world last week, when it announced that it would acquire the popular developer platform GitHub for $7.5 billion in company stock. The acquisition is expected to close by the end of the calendar year. GitHub, one of the world's largest computer code repositories, is home to more than […]
    Jack M. Germain
  • Nvidia May Be Lone Rider on Next Big Technology Wave: Robotics June 11, 2018
    Dell's most forward-looking people spoke about the future at Dell World a few weeks ago. One of the sessions I attended dovetailed with something that appears to be glaringly obvious -- to me, anyway -- which is that is that robots likely will be the next big technology wave. I then wandered around to find […]
    Rob Enderle
  • G2 Crowd VP Heather Reed: Go After the Prize June 9, 2018
    "By using gender-neutral terms, we might change people's minds about what jobs they're qualified for and have a chance of getting. Getting rid of gender-biased terms helps level the playing field," said Heather Reed, VP of business development for G2 Crowd. "There are different phrases that we use and don't even think about it," she […]
    Vivian Wagner
  • Dark Screen Mode Among New macOS Mojave Highlights June 6, 2018
    Apple on Monday gave the world a peek at macOS Mojave, the next version of its operating system for Macintosh laptop and desktop computers. The preview took place at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference held at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. Mojave has a mix of new features that add to its […]
    John P. Mello Jr.
  • Red Hat Launches Fuse 7, Fuse Online for Better Cloud Integration June 5, 2018
    Red Hat has launched its Fuse 7 cloud-native integration solution and introduced Fuse Online, an alternative iPaaS. Red Hat Fuse is a lightweight modular and flexible integration platform with a new-style enterprise service bus to unlock information. It provides a single, unified platform across hybrid cloud environments for collaboration between integration experts, application developers and […]
    Jack M. Germain