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  • Leaked Docs Spotlight Complexity of Moderating Facebook Content May 23, 2017
    The public got a rare view into how Facebook tries to keep offensive and dangerous content offline in a report published Sunday. Leaked confidential documents exposed the secret rules by which Facebook polices postings on issues such as violence, hate speech, terrorism, pornography, racism and self-harm, as well as such subjects as sports fixing and […]
    John P. Mello Jr.
  • How Deep Learning Could Fix Trump and Healthcare May 22, 2017
    Nvidia earlier this month launched a massive new push for intelligent machines, including what is likely the most expensive volume workstation in the world designed for this purpose. IBM, which has a tight relationship with Nvidia, launched a quantum computing processor that has a good chance of massively increasing the speed and intelligence of thinking […]
    Rob Enderle
  • Nvidia Is Off to the Autonomous Car Races May 20, 2017
    Nvidia recently announced that Toyota will use its Drive PX AI car computer platform for advanced autonomous vehicles slated for introduction over the next few years. Nvidia is combining breakthroughs in AI and high-performance computing to build Nvidia Drive PX, the brain of the autonomous car, said CEO Jensen Huang at Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference […]
    Richard Adhikari
  • Report: Cybersecurity Dangerously Lax at Mar-a-Lago May 19, 2017
    Internet security at Mar-a-Lago -- the private club President Trump owns and has dubbed the "Southern White House" -- is weak, based on a recent investigation. Trump has used the resort to meet with staffers and foreign heads of state on official business. In February, he took a call about a North Korean ballistic missile […]
    Richard Adhikari
  • Data Watchdog Cautions Google and UK Health Partner May 19, 2017
    A British data watchdog has raised questions about whether it was appropriate for a healthcare trust to share data on 1.6 million patients with DeepMind Health, an AI company owned by Google. The trust shared the data in connection with the test phase of Streams, an app designed to diagnose acute kidney injuries. However, the […]
    John P. Mello Jr.
  • Feren OS: A Linux Desktop Game-Changer May 18, 2017
    Feren OS is a polished and well-stocked Linux distro that comes close to being an ideal replacement for Microsoft Windows and macOS. In fact, this impressive Linux OS is a very attractive replacement for any Linux distro. The only impediment to this assessment is dislike of the Cinnamon desktop. Feren OS does not give you […]
    Jack M. Germain
  • Google Pushes AI, Machine Learning to the Front May 18, 2017
    Addressing thousands of developers at the annual Google I/O conference on Wednesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai outlined the company's new strategy to transition from mobile first to artificial intelligence and machine learning. The goal is to equip the company's line of digital assistant products and services to anticipate the needs of users, and comprehend sights […]
    David Jones
  • Wearable Tech Can Detect Life-Threatening Heart Problems May 18, 2017
    Cardiogram last week announced that it has developed a preliminary algorithm to use with the Apple Watch and Android Wear devices to detect atrial fibrillation with higher accuracy than previously validated detection methods. Atrial fibrillation, or AF, affects about 2.7 million Americans, and increases the risk of stroke by five times. Overall, it causes about […]
    Richard Adhikari
  • Packs New Features, Services Into DB Upgrade May 17, 2017 on Tuesday announced an upgrade to its open source CrateDB, and introduced a commercial version. The database now is available as a managed service as well. CrateDB 2.0 features clustering enhancements and SQL improvements. The enterprise edition adds authentication and authorization features for enhanced security, which are not provided in the open source version.
    Jack M. Germain
  • HPE Unveils Huge Single-Memory Computer Prototype May 17, 2017
    HPE on Tuesday introduced the world's largest single-memory computer as part of The Machine, its research project into memory-driven computing. The computer has 160 T-bytes of memory, and HPE expects the architecture to allow memory to scale up to 4.096 yottabytes. The memory is spread across 40 physical nodes that are interconnected using a high-performance […]
    Richard Adhikari
  • Google's New Mobile OS Will Have a Distinctly Non-Linux Hue May 16, 2017
    Google has been developing a new open source OS called "Fuchsia" for smartphones, tablets and other devices, which could be unveiled as early as this summer. Little has been revealed about the new OS since it first came to light last year. However, new details that surfaced last week have been making the rounds. Fuchsia […]
    David Jones
  • Nintendo Readies Mario for E3 Spotlight May 16, 2017
    Nintendo will provide numerous activities and spotlight its in-development titles at next month's E3 in Los Angeles. However, it once again has decided not to host a traditional press event, despite the fact that Nintendo was one of the first companies to establish the tradition of holding a pre-show briefing for institutional investors, analysts and […]
    Peter Suciu
  • Dell's 'Alice' Will Guide Women Through VC Wonderland May 15, 2017
    One of the interesting things at Dell EMC World came from Karen Quintos, the most powerful woman at Dell. Karen is responsible for its Entrepreneur in Residence program, which focuses on equipping and helping woman entrepreneurs. Dell Technologies apparently has created "Alice," a female-focused artificial intelligence focused on helping support and drive innovative firms backed […]
    Rob Enderle
  • Nvidia Embraces Deep Neural Nets With Volta May 12, 2017
    At this year's GPU Technology Conference, Nvidia's premier conference for technical computing with graphic processors, the company reserved the top keynote for its CEO Jensen Huang. Over the years, the GTC conference went from a segment in a larger, mostly gaming-oriented and somewhat scattershot conference called "nVision" to become one of the key conferences that […]
    Kevin Krewell
  • Microsoft Debuts Smarter Cloud at Build May 11, 2017
    Microsoft executives, led by CEO Satya Nadella, introduced a series of enhancements to the company's critical data and cloud services at the kickoff of its annual Build conference, demonstrating new ways to expand adoption of artificial intelligence, personal digital assistants and other innovations. There will be more than 25 billion intelligent devices in the world […]
    David Jones
  • The IoT's Scramble to Combat Botnets May 11, 2017
    With shadowy botnet armies lurking around the globe and vigilante gray-hat actors inoculating susceptible devices, the appetite for Internet of Things security is stronger than ever. "If you throw IoT on a con talk, you've got a pretty good chance to get in," remarked information security professional Jason Kent, as he began his presentation at […]
    Jonathan Terrasi
  • Gadget Ogling: Amazon Gives Fashion Advice, Snacks Get Musical, and Coffee Tables Get Smart May 11, 2017
    Amazon's Echo system, which brought the company's Alexa assistant to tables and countertops as a hub for your home, now has evolved into something a little more visually minded. I don't mean the brand new Echo Show -- it's the Echo Look that has caught my eye. The Echo Look has a built-in camera that […]
    Kris Holt
  • Amazon Adds Show to Echo's Tell May 10, 2017
    Echo isn't just for sound anymore. Amazon on Tuesday announced Echo Show, a new version of its popular smart speaker that comes with a 7-inch color touchscreen, 5-inch front-facing camera and dual 2-inch Dolby speakers. With its screen, it can show YouTube videos, access home security cameras, display photos and scroll lyrics as you listen […]
    John P. Mello Jr.
  • Flaw in Intel Chips Could Open Door to Botnet Armies May 9, 2017
    A 7-year-old flaw in Intel chips could enable hijackers to gain total control of business computers and use them for malicious purposes. The Intel AMT vulnerability is the first of its kind, according to Embedi, which released technical details about it last week. Attackers could exploit the flaw to get full control over business computers, […]
    John P. Mello Jr.
  • Raspberry Pi Fans Can Build Their Own AI Voice Assistant May 9, 2017
    Google and AIY Projects have launched an open source DIY artificial intelligence Voice Kit for Raspberry Pi hobbyists. The AIY Voice Kit includes hardware for audio capture and playback, connectors for the dual mike daughterboard and speaker, GPIO pins to connect low-voltage components such as micro servos and sensors, and an optional barrel connector for […]
    Richard Adhikari