Web Scraping

Web or screen scraping is the process of automatically extracting information from Internet resources (Web Pages, Emails, Web Site Feeds etc).

You may want to monitor your competitors products and pricing on a regular basis or combine information from several web sites in to one report that can be used internally.web-scraping

We can provide a service to collect the information you require and convert it to a format of your choice.

Whether you only want the data once or at regular intervals we can provide you with a solution.

We also work with API tools (Ebay, Amazon, Google etc) allowing you to utilize data via a third party.

An example of web scraping would be that your sales team would like to be informed of your competitors marketing updates, we would collect the marketing data from the required sources (web sites, RSS feeds, twitter, facebook) format it and present it in the required format (Email, Word documents, spreadsheets) this routine can be automated to run at regular intervals.

One thing to be aware of is that web sites do change over time and this means that the scraping routines do need to be updated when this happens. This is why we offer a monitoring package with all our web scraping projects.